Erek XVII was the 83rd Grand Vicar of the Church of God Awaiting, elected in the late 9th Century of God.

While he was officially the spiritual and temporal master of the Church, as with most Grand Vicars of the time, he was actually a puppet beholden to the corruption of the Council of Vicars. (OAR)

Zahmsyn Trynair viewed him as an ideal tool due to his imposing, regal appearance, well developed speaking ability, and general lack of intellect or ambition beyond acting as a figurehead.

In Year of God 893, Erek at Trynair's direction excommunicated Emperor Cayleb and Empress Sharleyan of Charis, and imposed the Interdict on Charis, Emerald, and Chisholm, officially suspending all Church sacraments and ceremonies there. Both of these orders were ignored in the target countries.

The same year, Erek gave the annual address from the throne, publicly assigning blame for the Ferayd Massacre and the associated events to Charis. Part of the speech also threatened the declaration of Holy War. (BHD)

In the Year of God 894, in reaction to the uncovering of The Circle, and the purges of the Vicarate that followed, Erek delivered an address which officially began the Holy War on Charis. (AMF)

After Zhaspahr Clyntahn was overthrown late in the Year of God 898, Erek XVII was replaced as Grand Vicar by former Treasurer General Rhobair Duchairn. (AST)