Lord Faidel Ahlverez, Duke of Malikai, was a Dohlaran nobleman and the senior Admiral of the Royal Dohlaran Navy until March of the Year of God 892.

He was appointed as the commander of the Southern Force, and sailed east to invade the Kingdom of Charis. However, his force was intercepted by Crown Prince Cayleb off Armageddon Reef. He ordered his fleet to engage, and was horrfied when he realized that his ships where absolutely no match for the Royal Charisian Navy's galleons. Admiral Malikai died along with most of his crew when his flagship, the galley HMS King Rahnyld, was destroyed. (OAR)

He was the brother-in-law of Aibram Zaivyair, Duke of Thorast and de-facto Navy Minister of Dohlar. (AMF)