Ferayd, also called the Free City of Ferayd, was a major port city in the Kingdom of Delferahk.
Ferayd Sound

In the Year of God 892, when the Group of Four urged all nations loyal to the Church of God Awaiting to close their ports to Charisian shipping in an attempt to attack Charis by economic means, the Office of Inquisition in Ferayd was resisted by Charisian merchants when attempting to seize the docked vessels. Soon, shots were fired on both sides, and the ensuing massacre left many Charisians dead. Only a handful of ships managed to escape thanks to the presence of the privateer Kraken.

When news of the massace reached Charis, King Cayleb II decided to exact retribution on Delferahk; a large Charisian fleet under the command of Admiral Lock Island was sent to Ferayd, where it quickly reduced all coastal defenses to rubble and landed a large force of Charisian Marines. The city's defenders surrendered and by Charisian order evacuated, before Lock Island had the entire waterfront of the city burned to the ground. (BSRA)

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