Republic of Siddarmark

Map of Siddarmark

Glacierheart Province was a mountain province in the geographical center of the Republic of Siddarmark. (map)

Glacierheart was craggy, and mountainous and a quarter the size of Old Charis proper, and sparsely populated compared with the rest of Haven. It took its name from the deep, icy cold lakes fed by the high mountain glaciers.

The Provincial capital was Tairys, which was also the largest city in the province. Most of the limited wealth Glacierheart came from the province’s mines which, produced coal, clean-burning anthracite.

Within the province was the Graywater River, which linked Ice Lake, northwest of Tairys, with Glacierborn Lake, two hundred miles to the southwest. The Tairys Canal connected the city to the Graywater. (AMF)

Its Archbishop in the late 9th Century of God was Zhasyn Cahnyr. (OAR)

During the Civil War the militia had turned on the insurrectionists within its own ranks and crushed the uprising in the Province within a few days. (HFAF)

The town of Brahdwyn's Folly was located in the province until its destruction in the Civil War. (MTAT)