God's Day was an extra day that was inserted every Safeholdian year in the middle of July in order to make the calendar fit with the solar year.

It was the Church of God Awaiting's equivalent of Christmas and Easter, combined together. It was the highest and most holy religious festival of the year. It was also celebrated by the Church of Charis. (BSRA)

God’s Day, was set aside above all others for the contemplation of one’s soul and the state of God’s plan for all humanity. It was a day of solemn celebration, of joyous hymns, as well as a day on which gifts were exchanged, children were baptized, weddings were celebrated, and the praise and gratitude of the entire world ascended to the throne of God. (HFAF)

It was not numbered or counted along with the other days of the month. (OAR)

Despite the usual tradition to reserve God's Day for celebration and merriment, in the Year of God 895 Archbishop Maikel Staynair used it to condemn the remanding of Admiral Sir Gwylym Manthyr and the men under his command to Inquisition custody. Staynair then issued a decree which mandated willing, direct service to the Inquisition a capitol crime. Henceforth, status as an agent of the Inqusition became the only requirement to provoke an immeadiately executable death sentence without trial for all prisoners in the power of Charisian forces.

The first known instance of the decree's enforcement took place in Delferahk, in November 895, on the orders of Lieutenant Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk. (HFAF)