King Gorjah III of the House of Nyou was the ruling monarch of the Kingdom of Tarot in the late 9th Century of God.

He was a slender man, barely into his mid-thirties in the Year of God 891, with dark hair and a dark complexion, and sported a short-trimmed beard. He liked to dress in loose robes of silk, and wore the kercheef, the traditional headdress of Tarot. (OAR)

He is married to Queen Maiyl, and father to the infant Prince Ryolynd, his heir. (HFAF)

In July of the Year of God 891, Father Zhoshua Makgregair informed the king that the Church of God Awaiting was worried about one of Gorjah's allies. Gorjah first thought that he was talking about Prince Hektor of Corisande, but was informed that the "problem" was actually King Haarahld of Charis, and that Tarot would have to review its relations and treaty obligations with Charis in the time to come. (OAR)

His full birth name was Gorjah Alyksahndar Nyou. In June of the Year of God 895, he travelled to Tellesberg and swore fealty to the Imperial Throne of Charis. (HFAF)