Dohlar area 03

Map of Dohlar

The Grand Duchy of Silkiah was a Safeholdian nation, located on the eastern portion of the continent of Haven. Its capital city was Silk Town.

Silkiah was at least nominally independent, although its Grand Duke paid a substantial yearly tribute to the Desnairian Empire. He also paid one to the Knights of the Temple Lands every year. During the Republic of Siddarmark's sustained expansion southward towards the Desnairian Empire and the Grand Duchy over the hundred and fifty Safeholdian years prior to the Charisian war, the two nations were in great danger of being over run. That expansion was halted only when the Knights of the Temple Lands guaranteed the frontiers of the Grand Duchy of Silkiah in the Silk Town Treaty of 869.

People from Silkiah had a similar accent to those from the Desnairian Empire, although some Silkiahns resented being mistaken for Desnairians.

Merlin Athrawes posed as Ahbraim Zhevons, a Silkiahn seijin, when he had business in Zion or other parts of the western hemisphere. (AMF)

After the trade embargo was created, the Grand Duchy became a popular nation for smuggling, and illicit trade with the various components nations of the Empire of Charis. (HFAF)