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The Grand Duchy of Spring Flower was a Harchongese patent of nobility..

In the Year of God 903, the reigning noble in Spring Flower was Kaihwei Pyangzhow. (TFT)


While initially only a minor barony before the serf rebellion in the Year of God 903, Pyangzhow was able to subsequently elevate Spring Flower to an earldom, then a duchy, and finally a grand duchy by professing loyalty to Emperor Zhyou-Zhwo. In reality, Pyangzhow was one of the many warlords that took advantage of the post rebellion chaos in North Harchong to establish a personal fiefdom in Central Harchong. Spring Flower began its expansion by murdering two of his neighboring barons and annexing their estates before seizing a free town[1].

In October of the Year of God 907, the Grand Duchy stretched across almost a hundred thousand square miles, stretching as far south as Kaisun and further than two hundred miles east of Fangkau[2]. (TFT)

Within the borders of Spring Flower was the Barony of Qwaidu, which he granted to his military commander Zhailau Laurahn.[3]


  1. A town that was subsequently stripped of its right to self-governance.
  2. Further east than the city of Shaiki.
  3. This title was subject to (and duly received) confirmation by the emperor.