Greyghor Stohnar was a Siddarmarkian citizen and the Lord Protector of the Republic of Siddarmark at the end of the 9th Century of God.

Biography Edit

A native of Siddar City in Old Province, he was a regimental commander in the Siddarmarkian Army before entering politics. (HFAF)

Vicar Zhaspyr Clyntahn (Grand Inquisitor) believed that Stohnar would gleefully overthrow the Church of God Awaiting in Siddarmark if he imagined for a moment that he could survive the attempt. (OAR)

Avrahm Hywstyn was his fourth cousin, the two of them belonged to the powerful Stohnar Clan. He often used his cousins persona, Rolf Khailee, to pass on sensitive information by informal means. (BSRA) This happened when Rolf Khailee was used to warn the Charisian ambassador about the impending seizure of Charisian merchant ships.

In anticipation of Inquisition-backed mob violence against the Charisian community in Siddar, Stohnar posted much of the city's garrison around the Charisian Quarter and moved the city arsenal to Fort Raimyr where it would be secure. This left him dangerously vulnerable when the Sword of Schueler almost managed to reach the Lord Protector's Palace in the first days of the Siddarmark Civil War. However, he and the palace were saved by Aivah Pahrsahn and her secretly built army. (HFAF)

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