For the warship of the same name, see HMS Gwylym Manthyr.

Sir Gwylym Manthyr was a Charisian citizen and an officer of the Royal and Imperial Charisian Navy.

Biography Edit

In the Year of God 892, he held the rank of Captain and was in command of the war galleon HMS Dreadnought, flagship of Crown Prince Cayleb during his campaign off Armageddon Reef.

Manthyr commanded the vessel during the battles of Rock Point, Crag Reach, and Darcos Sound, proving himself as a capable battle commander. However, he lost Dreadnought at Darcos Sound, after deliberately ramming her into the enemy galley Doomwhale under full sails. (OAR)

For his services, he was knighted and eventually promoted to the rank of Admiral. In November of the Year of God 893, he was sent to the Sea of Harchong with a fleet of eighteen galleons, carrying six thousand Marines, flying his flag aboard HMS Dancer, 56. His orders were to capture Claw Keep and establish a forward base against Charis' enemies in the Gulf of Dohlar. (AMF)

The Dancer was eventually taken by the Royal Dohlaran Navy, and the Admiral was taken a prisoner of war. The Inquisition had him and his men moved to Zion, with many of them being abused and killed along the way. Once in the enemy capital, Manthyr was tortured, but never surrendered his integrity.

On the day of his eventual execution, he could not defy the Inquisition publicly as his tongue had been cut out, but as Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn confronted him before the sentence was carried out, Admiral Manthyr managed to spit in his face. (HFAF)

Legacy Edit

Manthyr's final act of defiance, captured by Merlin's SNARC remotes, was used by Charisian propaganda throughout the mainland. (HFAF)

In April of the Year of God 896, the Imperial Charisian Navy decided to name one of its first ironclad warships HMS Gwylym Manthyr in his honor. (MTAT) When it was commissioned two years later, it was the mightiest warship in the entire world, and led the Imperial Charisian Navy's campaign against the Kingdom of Dohlar. (AST)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Captain
  • Admiral

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, HMS Dreadnought, 54
  • Commanding Officer, Harchong expedition

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