HMS Dancer was a 56-gun galleon of the Imperial Charisian Navy.

History Edit

Commanded by Captain Paitryk Hywyt in the Year of God 893, the ship transported Empress Sharleyan and her staff from Tellesberg to the Earldom of Crest Hollow for a visit to the Convent of Saint Agtha. (BHD)

Dancer later became Admiral Gwylym Manthyr's flagship for his expedition to the Sea of Harchong. (AMF)

Dancer was eventually captured by the Royal Dohlaran Navy; the crew was imprisoned on a prison hulk, until their transfer to the Temple Lands, where they suffered the Punishment of Schueler, followed by a terrible death. (HFAF)

When the surviving crew reached the Temple Lands, they were housed in the dungeons of the Citadel of Schueler, a notorious prison located in Zion.[1] (HFAF)

Dancer became Defiant in the Royal Dohlaren Navy,  Flagship of Sir Dahrend Rohsail's fleet. 

Dancer/Defiant would later be destroyed by HMS Dreadnought and the Battle of the Kaudzhu Narrows. (HFQ)

Journey to the Temple LandsEdit

See Caravan of Inquisition.

Notable Crewmembers Edit

Crewmembers Edit

References Edit

  1. The fate of the Dancer is not unlike that of USS Philadelphia, a U.S. Navy frigate that was captured by Tripolitan gunboats in 1803, and whose crew was enslaved by the Pasha, unless they converted to Islam.