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HMS Delthak was a Delthak class ironclad of the Imperial Charisian Navy.

Commissioned in June, Year of God 896, she was commanded by Captain Halcom Bahrns, beginning her first test runs with a crew of slightly more than fifty sailors. Once her readiness was confirmed, the ship was dispatched to the Republic of Siddarmark, to assist in the Siddarmark Civil War against the forces of the Temple Lands, the Kingdom of Dohlar, and the Desnairian Empire.

While in Siddarmark, she led a daring raid to destroy large portions of the canal system that formed the backbone of the local infrastructure, thus robbing the Army of God of the ability to move massive amounts of troops on land before the next winter. (MTAT)

Known Crewmembers[]


  • Captain Halcom Bahrns - Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Pawal Blahdysnberg - First Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Zhak Bairystyr - Chief Engineer
  • Lieutenant Zherald Cahnyrs
  • Midshipman Tairaince Sutyls


  • Petty Officer Crahmynd Fyrgyrsyn - Helmsman
  • Ahbukyra Matthysahn - Signalman