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HMS Destiny was a 54-gun galleon of the Royal and Imperial Charisian Navy.

Technical specifications[]

Destiny was 150 feet long, just over 42 feet wide in the beam, and displacing 1,200 tons. (HFAF)


Destiny was commissioned in the Year of God 892, in the aftermath of the first major battles fought with galleons. Command of the ship, which was in fact one of the most powerful warships in the world at that time, was given to Captain Dunkyn Yairley, as a reward for his conduct in the Battle of Darcos Sound. (BSRA)

In November of the Year of God 893, it was involved in the Battle of Hennet Head, where it disabled two Desnairian galleons, HMS Archangel Chihiro and HMS Blessed Warrior. (AMF)

In February of the Year of God 895, the ship was part of a squadron with HMS Mountain Root and HMS Valiant, blockading Staiphan Reach, the Charisian exit of the Gulf of Jahras. Both her sister ships were forced to return to Thol Bay due to damage, and Destiny had to continue her patrol alone until reinforcements arrived. However, the ship got into a massive storm and suffered some damage herself, eventually being able to anchor in Scrabble Sound. (HFAF)



Warrant Officers[]