HMS Dreadnought was a 54-gun galleon of the Royal Charisian Navy, and the first galleon designed as a warship from the start.

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The ship was almost 40 feet longer than older Charisian galleons. Designed from the beginning with an unbroken sheer, she had no exaggerated castles at either end. Her forecastle and quarterdeck were only about 6 feet higher than her maindeck, connected by bulwarks and spar decks for line handlers, and she carried all her guns at maindeck level or higher.

She was sleeker and lower slung than older galleons, and her gunports' lower sills were almost 15 feet above the waterline. Her greater ratio of length to beam and more powerful sail plan also made her faster. (OAR)

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After her launch, Dreadnought served as Crown Prince Cayleb's flagship in the flotilla of galleons he led to the south to engage the Dohlaran Navy. The ship fired the first cannon shot in the Battle of Rock Point off Armageddon Reef, after hoisting the flag signal "Charis expects that every man will do his duty".[1] During the fighting, it took sixteen hits, being holed below the waterline twice, having one of its foredeck carronades dismounted and its port anchor shot away. Seventeen crewmen were killed and nineteen more wounded.

Some time later, it was among the vessels fighting in the following Battle of Crag Reach. Upon the Charisians' victory, Admiral Thirsk of the Royal Dohlaran Navy was brought aboard to formally surrender his sword to Prince Cayleb.

Back at Charis, Dreadnought led the galleon force into the Battle of Darcos Sound and came to the assistance of King King Haarahld VII's flagship, the Royal Charis. Captain Manthyr crashed the ship right into the enemy galley Doomwhale, shattering his own vessel's bow so badly that it was impossible to keep her afloat once the battle was won. (OAR)

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  1. Merlin Athrawes suggested the signal in an open reference to Lord Nelson's famous signal at the Battle of Trafalgar.