HMS Empress of Charis was a 68-gun (later 50-gun) galleon of the Imperial Charisian Navy which served as Emperor Cayleb's flagship during and after the Invasion of Corisande.

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The ship was over 130 feet long between perpendiculars, displacing almost 1,400 tons, and mounting 30 long 30-pounders on the gundeck, 32 carronades on the spar decks, and four long 14-pounders as chase guns, for a total of 68 guns. (infodump)

History Edit

Empress of Charis was commissioned shortly before the beginning of the Charisian Empire's invasion of Corisande. The emperor originally wanted to have her named after his wife, Empress Sharleyan, but the Charisian Navy had a long tradition of not naming ships after living people, so the ship was named after Sharleyan's title instead. (BSRA)

The vessel served as the emperor's flagship during and after the Invasion of Corisande. (BHD)

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