HMS Gwylym Manthyr was one of the first ironclad warships of the Imperial Charisian Navy[1], and the first ship of the King Haarahld VII class to see action.

History Edit

Gwylym Manthyr was named after Admiral Gwylym Manthyr, who was tortured to death by the Inquisition after being taken a prisoner of war; all ships of her class were to be named after people for whose death Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn was considered to be directly responsible for. (MTAT)

She was commissioned in the Year of God 898 in the presence of Empress Sharleyan, who gave a rousing speech to the gathered masses. Commanded by Captain Halcom Bahrns, the mightiest warship in the world led the Charisian naval campaign against the Kingdom of Charis, eventually laying waste to the waterfront of Gorath. (AST)

References Edit

  1. Not counting ironclad riverboats like HMS Delthak.