HMS Typhoon was a 38-gun galleon of the Royal Charisian Navy.

Technical data Edit

Typhoon was 120 feet long, three-masted, and carried nineteen cannons in a broadside, including both rebored krakens and carronades. The forecastle and aftercastle were removed in order to make the vessel lighter and faster. (OAR)

History Edit

Typhoon was of the first ships built according to the new galleon concept introduced by Merlin Athrawes and Sir Dustyn Olyvyr. She was put under the command of Captain Dahryl Stywyrt and assigned to Commodore Staynair's Experimental Squadron for weapons practice in South Howell Bay.

She later became part of Crown Prince Cayleb's galleon flotilla that engaged the Dohlaran and Tarotisian Southern Force in the Battle of Rock Point. During the fighting, the vessel found itself running along between two Tarotisian galleys, hammering both of them into wrecks, but a lucky enemy hit cut Typhoon's mainmast, which fell across the Tarotisian to leeward, and the galley's surviving crew stormed across in an boarding attempt. That attempt, amid horrendous casualties on both sides: by the end of the battle, the Charisian galleon had lost over 200 crewmembers, better than half her total ship's company.

Captain Stywyrt, despite suffering a minor wound during the boarding attempt, kept control of the situation and later made sail for Samuel Island, where two supply ships awaited the fleet. Typhoon's repairs took two full five-days, during which, among other things, a brand new mainmast was installed.[1] (OAR)

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  1. Although not mentioned again in the novel, the ship can be assumed to have participated in the Battle of Darcos Sound.