HMS Volcano a 24-gun galleon of the Imperial Charisian Navy. It was one of the first of a new type of ships called bombardment galleon.

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Volcano was larger than HMS Destiny, although she was rated at only twenty-four guns and showed only twelve ports on a side, and all of her guns were mounted on the spar deck, which put her ports a good twenty feet above her designed waterline. Her bulwarks were higher than most galleons', and the ports piercing them were disproportionately tall, as well.

The reason she carried so few guns was that each of the ones she did carry weighed more than twice as much as one of the new model krakens on other vessels such as Destiny. Each of her guns had a ten-inch bore and the tall carriages were designed specifically to permit them to be elevated to heights, and correspondly long distances. The large guns took either a hundred-and-fifty-pound solid shot or a hundred-pound shell.

The ship participated in the Iythria Expedition. (HFAF)


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