King Haarahld VII (YOG 838–892) of the House of Ahrmahk was the monarch of the Kingdom of Charis for most of the second half of the 9th Century of God.

Family Edit

He was the son of King Haarahld VI and had two sons of his own, Cayleb and Zhan, as well as a daughter, Zhanayt. His wife, Queen Zhanayt, died some time prior to the Year of God 890. (OAR)

Biography Edit

Haarahld was born as the son of King Haarahld VI of the House of Ahrmahk in the Year of God 838, and succeeded his father on the throne of Charis after his death. (OAR)

He supported and encouraged the modernization of his kingdom even at the risk of defying the Proscriptions of Jwo-jeng, especially after he had become a member of the Brethren of Saint Zherneau and had learned the truth about humanity's ancient history.[1] (BSRA)

When Clan Theralt of Raven's Land disturbed Charisian commercial shipping, King Haarahld sent a punitive expedition to the clan's home town and had its waterfront burnt to the ground. (MTAT)

After Merlin Athrawes saved the life of his son, Prince Cayleb, in the Year of God 890, the King appointed him as Cayleb's personal armsman and included him into his inner circle of advisors. It is implied that the King's membership in the Brethren, and close relationship with fellow Brethren member then-Bishop Maikel Staynair, caused him to recognize Merlin Athrawes as the "second string" of Pei Shan-wei's plan to rescue humanity as described in the Journal of Saint Zherneau.

When the united navies of Corisande, Emerald, Chisholm, and Dohlar moved against Charis on the order of the Church of God Awaiting, King Haarahld decided to meet them in battle on the open sea. During the ensuing Battle of Darcos Sound, his flagship, HMS Royal Charis, was boarded by Corisandian troops led by Admiral Black Water; during the brutal melee fighting that followed, most of the crew, as well as the king, was killed. Midshipman Hektor Aplyn was with him in his last moments.

Haarahld VII was buried in the Charisian capital city of Tellesberg. Cayleb II succeeded him on the throne. Merlin deeply regretted being unable to save the King's life, and vowed to not fail a second time in his responsibilities to Cayleb and Charis. (OAR)

Legacy Edit

King Haarahld's memory was held in high honor by the people of Charis. He was remembered as a just king, which helped his son in establishing a strong enough position for himself to found the Charisian Empire. (BSRA)

In the Year of God 896, it was decided that one of the first ironclad warships of the Imperial Navy was to be named HMS King Haarahld VII in his honor. (MTAT)

References Edit

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