Sir Hairahm Wailahr was a Desnairian citizen and an officer of the Imperial Desnairian Navy.

Holding the rank of Commodore, he served as a squadrom commander. His flagship was HMS Archangel Chihiro. (AMF)

In November 893 YOG, he was involved in the Hennet Head Naval Egagement, where he suffered a broken arm in a broadside with the HMS Destiny. (AMF)


He was a solidly built man, his dark hair starting to silver at the temples. There were a few strands of white in his neatly trimmed beard, as well, but his dark eyes were sharp and alert. (AMF)


Commodore Wailahr had twenty-six years expierence with the Desnairian military, but most of it was as a calvary officer with the Imperial Amry. (AMF)

He was also distantly related, to the Earl of Hankey, by marriage. (AMF)