The Hairatha Explosion was an intentional act of sabotage by Temple Loyalist Trai Sahlavahn at the Hairatha Mills in late July of the Year of God 895.

Powder Mills Three, Six, Seven, and Eight were destroyed in short succession, causing a massive loss of life. The explosion was likely the largest non-nuclear, non-orbital bombardment-related man-made explosion to ever occur on Safehold.[1]


The Hairatha Mills were the largest and most important powder mills within the Empire of Charis. Their location was kept secret, and the flow of goods coming in and going out was weighed and recorded. Security was a high priority, with Marine sentries at all gates and buildings, and locks on each magazine, which were kept locked at all times when not in use. Security patrols were conducted around the perimeter at regular and random intervals.

The keys for the magazines were held only by the Mill's commanding officer and the officer of the watch. Additional keys could only be signed out individually and used and returned by by the same person.

During transfers additional security was employed, with a commisioned officer, a marine guard, and a safety detachment all being employed.

Visitors were closely monitored and controlled; they required verified authorization and were to be supervised at all times. (HFAF)


Commander Urwyn Mahndrayn, who worked for Sir Ahlfryd Hyndryk, the Baron Seamount, had been sent to visit with Master Ehdwyrd Howsmyn at his foundry complex, along with several peices of corespondence. Commander Mahndrayn also planned on making an approved side visit to a cousin of his at the Hairatha Mills, to review a possible clerical error that had been nagging him for sometime.

The clerical error had shown that during the month of June YOG 895, there was a forty-five ton descrepancy. The June 15th shipment showed that 1,075 tons of powder had been shiped in six shipments, but when the individual quantities were totaled, they added up to 1,030 tons. Commander Mahndrayn did not reveal this to Baron Seamount, or anyone else, until he spoke to his cousin Captain Trai Sahlavahn.

Captain Sahlavahn had been fully aware of this descrepancy, and when he was made aware of it, he quietly murdered his cousin, and set off the various explosives he had planted at the various powder mills, killing himself, and many others. (HFAF)

Casualties Edit

While the exact number of deaths and casualties were uncertain, Powder Mill Number Three suffered at least 106 deaths. The explosions were likened to Langhorne's own Rakurai, and the shockwaves destroyed windows throughout Hairatha. The explosions had even registered on the communications relay over the Cauldron monitored by Owl.

Below is a list of known people who perished directly or indirectly because of Captain Sahlavahn's actions:

377px-Halifax Explosion blast cloud restored

The Halifax Explosion

References Edit

  1. Much like the 1917 Halifax Explosion on Earth, which was also an ammunition related disaster.