Harchong Empire

Map of Harchong

The Harchong Empire was a large Safeholdian nation that occupied almost all of West Haven, as well as numerous smaller landmasses.

As one of the largest and most populous nations on Safehold, the Empire also suffered from these same benefits. Slavery was commonplace and what little industry there was, was often small-scale and performed by slave labor; this often led to poorer quality goods.

Government Edit

The permanent bureaucracy which administered the Empire in the name of the Emperor was known to be highly skilled. When properly motivated, it could accomplish amazing feats with great skill and efficiency. Unfortunately, it was equally corrupt, and that skill and efficiency tended to vanish when the proper "gifts" were not offered; bribery was often the only way to get daily business completed.

Its aristocracy's allegiance to the Church of God Awaiting was widely considered ironclad. The aristocracy could always be relied upon to come to "Mother Church"'s defense in return for the validation of its privileges and power over the hapless serfs who lived their lives on its huge, sprawling estates. (BSRA)

The people of the Empire were well known for their religious devotion. (AMF)

Known Emperors Edit

See Emperor of Harchong for details.

Military Edit

The Imperial Harchongese Navy served as the Empire's naval force. (AMF)

Coat of Arms Edit

The Harchongese coat of arms was red and green, with a crossed scepter and saber. (HFAF)

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