Harystn Ambush

Siddarmark Civil War


May YOG 896


Harystn, Sylmahn Gap, Old Province


Republican victory


Republic of Siddarmark Army

Temple Loyalists


Major Styvynsyn, Sergeant Zhaksyn

Hahlys Cahrtair


2nd Company, 37th Infantry Regiment, Republic of Siddarmark Army

3rd Company, 3rd Saiknyr Militia Regiment, Temple Loyalists


None to light



The Harystn Ambush was an overwhelming success of the Republic of Siddarmark Army, over the advance guard of the Temple Loyalists, in the Sylmahn Gap, near the ruins of the village of Harystn.


Since the beginning of the Siddarmark Civil War, the Sylmahn Gap had been heavily contested, with each side advancing quickly to capture the entire valley when reinforcements had arrived. By May of the Year of God 896, as before the balance had shifted as the Temple Loyalists, newly reinforced, had begun a cautious advance southwards. However the lead element made up of the 3rd Company, led by Major Hahlys Cahrtair, who was determined to advance as far as possible, and to affect a break-thru if possible from the Sylmahn Gap.  His Company had developed a reputation for brutality, exceeding that of what had become a devastating war. (MTAT)

Order of BattleEdit

Course of BattleEdit

Major Hahlys Cahrtair, had sought to defeat his opponents quickly with superior numbers and aggresiveness, and to continue his advance until halted by strong resisitance, however, once his oppenents fainted a panicked withdrawal, he blindly lead himself into two ambushes. 

The first came as he approached the ruins of Harystn, hoping to run down the retreating enemy, when two platoons of a hundred rifles began a sustained fire upon his tightly packed men. Realizing that he was unable to dislodge his opponents immediately, he withdrew hoping to bring forth his arbalesters. 

This however led the Major into his second ambush which ultimately destroyed his force. Explosives had been laid prior to his advance, and when his company withdrew, they were set off. The casualties were quite heavy, and those that had survived were quickly executed before any surrender could be taken. (MTAT)


The total destruction of a nitorious company was a double benefit, it increased morale, and also removed a powerful lead element from contiuning its advance. It allowed the Republican forces the opportunity to halt any further advances for the immediate future. (MTAT)