Lord Sir Hauwerd Breygart, Earl of Hanth, was a Charisian nobleman and an officer of the Royal Charisian Marines.

Even though he was the rightful heir to the Earldom of Hanth, the Church of God Awaiting placed Tahdayo Mahntayl in his stead as a means to weaken King Haarahld VII. (OAR)

Once the Schism occured and Charis declared itself no longer bound to the will of the Temple, Mahntayl fled Hanth and Breygart was installed in his rightful place as Earl. (BSRA)

Breygart married Lady Mairah Lywkys, chief lady-in-waiting of Empress Sharleyan, about two years after the formation of the Charisian Empire. He already had three sons, Styvyn, Haarahld, and Trumyn, as well as two daughters, Zherldyn and Fhrancys the Younger, from his deceased first wife, Fhrancys.

He enjoyed hunting marsh wyvern around Lake Zhym.  (MTAT)