The Holy Writ was the sacred text of the Church of God Awaiting. Originally written by Maruyama Chihiro, a member of Eric Langhorne's staff, it served as the theological basis for life on Safehold for many centuries.

Premise Edit

According to the Writ, God had created Safehold as a home where His children could live in simple harmony with one another, embracing a lifestyle uncomplicated by anything which might come between Him and them. Towards that end, He had selected archangels to help with the creation and perfection of the world, as well as to serve as mentors and guardians for humans. The greatest of the archangels had been the Archangel Langhorne, the patron of divine law and life, and the Archangel Bédard, the patron of wisdom and knowledge. (OAR)

Contents Edit

The Writ was divided into a number of "books", each dedicated to one archangel and his or her field of patronship:

References Edit

  1. More books existed, but were not described as of yet.