Hsing-wu's Passage was a large body of water between the northern coast of Haven and the frozen north pole of the world of Safehold.

It connected the Ice Sea in the west and the Icewind Sea in the east with Temple Bay, thus connecting Zion with the open sea. The fact that it was frozen during the winter season was a great problem for the Church of God Awaiting's military and economical mobility. (OAR)

Although a very important sea lane on Safehold, it did freeze solid during the month of November, and remains so for sometime afterwards. During the massive vessel construction effort led by the Church of God Awaiting for the Holy War on Charis, most of the shipping was constructed within Hsing-Wu's Passage. There were approximately 120 vessels built within the region. (AMF)

The only sea route to the coast of the Temple Lands, it was well known for its grey ice during the winter season. (map, HFAF)