The Imperial Charisian Marine Corps was the amphibious infantry force of the Empire of Charis.

In the Year of God 890, the Royal Charisian Marines were primarily focused around mastery of the boarding tactics that were key to galley naval warfare, and rarely deployed on land in strength exceeding a battalion. While most navies used a combination of crew, embarked soldiers, and oarsmen for boarding actions, Charisian Marines were dedicated in this role and were considered unmatched in performing it. Besides serving as naval infantry, the Marine Corps also was charged with protecting the Crown Prince in the form of a special unit that cooperated with the Royal Guard.

With the arrival of Merlin Athrawes and the technological and tactical innovations that followed, the role and training of the Marines was radically altered in lieu of the Marine Corps' massive expansion in preparation for the Invasion of Corisande. Many Marines now trained as rifle-armed line infantry focused on land combat. Tactics were designed to take advantage of the massive improvements in rate of fire, range, and accuracy that the introduction of flintlock rifles conferred. Due to their status as the most modern and best trained force in the new Empire of Charis' land forces, Marines constituted the bulk of the Corisande invasion and occupation force.

Following the invasion, most of the expanded, newly designated Imperial Charisian Marines Corps was folded into the new Imperial Charisian Army, which was commanded by primarily Chisholmian officers who had more experience with running an entirely land-focused force. The ICMC remained an indepdent elite service that was geared toward shipboard, amphibious, and land combat. Most of the Charisian army which maintained a presence in Corisande under the command of Viceroy General Hauwyl Chermyn remained Marines. The Marines became well-known throughout Safehold for their raucous howling battle cry.