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The Imperial Charisian Navy, or ICN, was the naval military force of the Empire of Charis, operating the most advanced fleet of warships in all of Safehold. It was called the Empire’s fundamental security, by Emperor Cayleb, which summed up the importance of the ICN to the safety and security of the Empire. (MTAT)

It was created by the merging of the Royal Charisian Navy and the Royal Chisholmian Navy.[1] (BHD) By November of the Year of God 893, the total fleet strength had risen to over ninety galleons[2], making the ICN the most powerful fleet in Safeholdian history. (AMF)



Rank and Command structure[]

For details, see Charisian military ranks


The ICN was composed of all the warships owned by the realms from which the Charisian Empire was formed, and all future vessels built by it. This included the most powerful galleon fleet in existence at the time.

Following the Battle of the Gulf of Tarot and the subsequent surrender of virtually the entire surviving Navy of God battle fleet, the ICN became virtually the only combat-effective maritime force on the surface of Safehold. Manpower became a very problematic concern, as new High Admiral Rock Point worked constantly to equip the Navy's dozens of captured prizes. Several more warships were captured from the Temple after the ICN raided the Desnairian main naval base at Ithrya, only adding to the problem's complexity.

See here for a list of ICN warships.:

Prior to the Battle of the Markovian Sea the ICN numbered approximately ninety vessels, and afterwards the number increased to over two hundred, with the addition of the captured vessels. (HFAF)


Many Safehold realms relied heavily upon pressed seamen to meet their staffing requirements. However, as of June of the Year of God 895, the ICN was still using volunteer labor. It was estimated to staff its 211 galleons it would need more than 84,000 men. This does not account for the schooners, brigs, and other light warships and dispatch vessels. (HFAF)


  1. It seems likely that the Emeraldian Navy also seized to exist after Emerald became part of the Empire, and that its few remaining crews and arsenal became part of the Imperial Navy.
  2. However, a quarter of them were converted merchant vessels.