The Imperial Desnairian Navy was the maritime military force of the Desnairian Empire.

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Based out of the city of Iythria, the IDN was traditionally run by the land based military in time of war, it is undergoing a period of growth, and change: Previous to the Battle of Darcos Sound, it boasted about forty vessels at its largest, however this was around the Year of God 820, about seventy years prior to the battle off Armageddon Reef. At the time of the Battle of Darcos Sound, the IDN had a strength of twelve vessels, and all of them had been purchased somewhere else rather than built in any Desnairian shipyard. Despite the magnificent harbors of the Gulf of Jahras, Desnairian Empire had never been a maritime power, especially over the past century and a half of its competition with the equally land-oriented Republic of Siddarmark. (reference missing)

By August YOG 895, the IDN had a strength of 91 galleons, which were smaller than the Charisian equivalent, with lighter armament, less reliable guns which were prone to burst at inconvenient moments, and crews which were far less well trained. (HFAF)

After the Battle of Iythria, the IDN became more decentralized.  It built vessels all along its 9,000 mile coastline, not to build a navy to challenge the ICN, but rather to attack its merchant fleet, with privateers. (HFAF)

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See here for a list of vessels.

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