Gulf of Jahras Iythria

Gulf of Jahras, & Iythria

The Iythria Expedition was a Charisian naval strike at the Desnairian Empire, to draw them out, engage them and reduce their naval capacity.

It was led by Admiral Sir Dunkyn Yairley. (HFAF)


The Charisian force was made up of close to a hundred vessels, organized into sixteen squadrons, including:


Howard Island CaptureEdit

At the beginning of the campaign, Howard Island had to be captured, not just do to its strategic location, but also its fresh water supply, and the safe anchorage in Tern Bay. The island defences were defeated within two five-days of bombardment. (HFAF)

Iythria RaidEdit


The expedition could be judged a resounding success from a Charisian point of view, with low casualties, great destuction of enemy infrastructure, and high value asylum seekers. (HFAF)

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