Lord Kahlvyn Ahrmahk, Duke of Tirian and Constable of Hairatha, († YOG 890) was a Charisian citizen of noble birth, a first cousin of King Haarahld VII as well as son-in-law of First Councillor Gray Harbor.

In the Year of God 876, he married Zhenyfyr Yowance, with whom he had two sons, Rayjhis and Kahlvyn Cayleb.

In the Year of God 890, he was revealed as a traitor by the seijin Merlin Athrawes. His father-in-law, the Earl Gray Harbor, unwilling to believe the seijin's word, confronted him in the library of his Tellesberg mansion. When Duke Tirian admitted to his crimes and decided to have all witnesses of his treachery killed, Merlin intervened and a struggle insued, in which the Duke died from the hands of Earl Gray Harbor.

As a proven traitor, Kahlvyn Ahrmahk could not be buried in holy ground, and did not receive the official funeral rites of the Church of God Awaiting. He was remembered, however, in a thanksgiving mass in Tellesberg Cathedral, during which Bishop Maikel also spoke of the nature of good and evil. (OAR)