The Key of Schueler, also called the Wylsynn Key, was a small memory module, originating from Pre-Safeholdian times.


It was a small sphere in shape, and flattened on one side, and about two inches wide. Inside it contained molecular circuitry, with enough memory to store all the libraries of the entire Charisian Empire with space left over. (HFAF)


It was believed that the Key had been handed down from the Archangel Schueler himself to his descendants, and then handed down generation to generation. To keep the Key secret the Wylsynn family often used it as a paper weight, and used it with the Stone of Schueler to view the videos upon it. The Wylsyns had also been instructed in how to charge it through exposure to solar light, and how to mate it with the Stone of Schueler. (HFAF)


When combined with the Stone of Schueler it made available to the user the repository of visions contained within it. The Key can also be used within the Chamber under the Temple, once placed in the recess and two hands placed within the indicated spaces it can activate the powerful weapon the Vision warns of. (HFAF)

Vision of SchuelerEdit

See Vision of the Archangel Schueler.