This article is about the ship. For the monarch of the same name, see Gorjah II Nyou.

King Gorjah II was a galley and the flagship of the Tarotisian Navy.

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King Gorjah II was named after Gorjah II Nyou, a former King of Tarot. Commanded by Captain Zhilbert Kaillee and carrying the flag of Admiral Gahvyn Mahrtyn, Baron White Ford, senior officer of the Tarotisian Navy, the ship was the lead vessel of the Tarotisian part of the Southern Force that sailed for Charis in the Year of God 892.

In the hidden shelter of Broken Anchor Bay, the ship waited with the fleet till the Dohlaran Navy arrived. Soon after, the united force made sail for eastern waters with King Gorjah II near the head of the entire formation, when they were unsuspectingly engaged by a Royal Charisian Navy galleon flotilla under the command of Crown Prince Cayleb. The Battle of Rock Point ensued, in which the Dohlaran part of the fleet was hit the hardest. Admiral White Ford decided to make more sail in order to avoid a confrontation with the vastly superior Charisian ships.

Having escaped the battle, King Gorjah II limped back to its home port in Tranjyr and Admiral White Ford informed his king of the defeat at Rock Point. (OAR)

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