Delferahk map 01

Map of Delferahk

The Kingdom of Delferahk was a nation at the southern coast of the continent of Howard. It was a monarchy, ruled by a king.

Geography Edit

Its capital city was Talkyra, along the shores of Lake Erdan, and at the coast lay Ferayd, the kingdom's largest port city.[1] (BSRA)

History Edit

In the late 9th Century of God, Delferahk[2] was ruled by King Zhames II of the House of Rayno.

Delferahk was not involved in the initial attacks on the Kingdom of Charis, and relations between the two nations remained calm until the middle of the Year of God 892, when the Church of God Awaiting ordered all realms on Haven and Howard to close their ports for Charisian shipping and seize all Charisian vessels currently in their reach. In Ferayd, the involvement of the Inquisition in the operation led to a massacre that left many Charisian merchants and sailors, including women and children, killed.


Detailled map of Delferahk

When news of the massace reached Charis, King Cayleb II decided to exact retribution on Delferahk; a large fleet under the command of Admiral Lock Island was sent to Ferayd, where it quickly reduced all coastal defenses to rubble and landed a large force of Royal Marines. The city's defenders surrendered and by Charisian order evacuated, before Lock Island had the entire waterfront of the city burned to the ground. (BSRA)

Military Edit

The Royal Delferahkan Navy was responsible for securing the Kingdom's waters. It was not a very powerful force compared to other navies, and after the Ferayd massacre, the Royal Charisian Navy destroyed most of it. (BSRA, BHD)

References Edit

  1. Its waterfront was largely destroyed by the Royal Charisian Navy and Marines after the Ferayd massacre.
  2. Refered to as "Delfarahk" on the MTAT maps on infodump.