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Map of Dohlar

The Kingdom of Dohlar was a nation in the center of the continent Haven, located at the coast of the Gulf of Dohlar.

Its capital city was Gorath on the northern coast of Gorath Bay. Its ruler in the late 9th Century was King Rahnyld IV of the House of Bahrns. (OAR)



The territory of the Kingdom of Dohlar was devided into nine duchies, which in turn were divided into smaller territories rules by earls and barons. (map)

See here for a list of these duchies.


The Royal Dohlaran Army served as the Kingdom's land forces, while the Royal Dohlaran Navy was the much smaller, sea-going force.

It was effectivly wiped out in the Battle of Rock Point, and had to be re-built from scratch. (OAR, BSRA)