Map of Sodar

The Kingdom of Sodar was located on the continent of Howard, it also had several major cities located along the shores of Shwei Bay. (map)

Its navy was traditionally very small, and their shipbuilding capacity was quite insignificant when compared to other mainland realms.  When the Church began its massive shipbuilding campaign, they were largely looked over.  (BSRA)

Urvyn Myllyr, was the Archbishop of Sodar. (OAR)

Among its exports were carpets. (BHD)

There was a major road leading from the Kingdom of Delferahk into the Kingdom of Sodar. (HFAF)

Their annual tithes had remained stable throughout the Holy War with Charis, despite being one of the poorer mainland realms. (MTAT)

The Kingdom of Sodar is notable in that it lacked any navigable rivers, which contributed to that kingdom’s relative poverty, especially being hemmed in between mountains to the south, South Harchong to the north, and the Desnairian Mountains and Empire to the west. (MTAT)

The Kingdom is noted for its small-scale raiders which often wander outside of its borders. (MTAT)