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A map of Tarot

The Kingdom of Tarot was a realm on Tarot Island.


Located between Charis Island and East Haven, Tarot lay between the Sea of Justice in the south-west, the Gulf of Tarot in the north, and the Cauldron in the south-east. A street of water called Tranjyr Passage separated the island from Margaret's Land.

The Kingdom was divided into three duchies: the Duchy of Holme, the Duchy of Tranjyr, and the Duchy of Thol. Its capital was the city of Tranjyr, on the shores of Thol Bay. (OAR)

Among other crops, the kingdom was well known for its potatoes, carrots, and apples. (MTAT)


In the late 9th Century of God, Tarot was ruled by King Gorjah III and Queen Maiyl.

Prior to the abortive invasion of Charis, the Kingdom of Tarot had been allied with the Kingdom of Charis. This alliance was created by King Gorjah III's father and King Haarahld VII. King Gorjah III was said to have despised the treaty, as it left his nation a virtual vassal, and easily broke it when the Knights of the Temple Lands approached his realm with the request to invade Charis.

Like several other realms of Safehold, the Kingdom of Tarot still practiced serfdom. (OAR)

After the Battle of Rock Point the Kingdom came under increasing scrutiny, under the belief they had supplied the Kingdom of Charis with intelligence that led to the defeats the fleets experienced.

The Kingdom also suffered from Charisian privateer raids on it's shipping, in the period after the Battle of Rock Point. (OAR, BSRA)

As the Church began to arm, and re-arm the navies it supported on Safehold, the Kingdom of Tarot found itself still disadvantaged, having no galleys built in its shipyards, and when the Church switched to galleons, the Kingdom played a very minor part.

To induce the Kingdom to voluntarily join the Empire of Charis, a twenty galleon force was established to interdict shipping, and to blockades it's ports. (AMF)

In June of the Year of God 895, King Gorjah III swore fealty to Emperor Cayleb and Empress Sharleyan, making the Kingdom of Tarot a vassal realm of the Empire of Charis. (HFAF)

During the Siddarmark Civil War, the Kingdom contributed greatly in terms of foodstuffs to the Republic of Siddarmark, through the Siddarmark Sea-Lift.  (MTAT)


The main military arm of the kingdom was the Tarotisian Navy. (OAR)

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