This article is about the animal. For other uses, see Kraken (disambiguation).

Kraken was a generic term used by Safeholdians for an entire family of maritime predators.

Krakens were rather like Earth sharks crossed with octupi: they had powerful, fish-like bodies, strong jaws with inward-inclined, fang-like teeth, and a cluster of tentacles just behind the head which could be used to hold prey while they devoured it.

The smallest, coastal krakens could be as short as three or four feet; deep-water krakens with sizes of up to 50 feet were reported, and there were legends among sailors of ones that were still larger.

Doomwhales were known to feed on krakens. (OAR)

Kraken oil was used to fuel oil lamps all over Safehold. (BSRA)