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Lord Sir Kynt Clareyk, Duke of Serabor, Baron of Green Valley, was a Charisian citizen and an officer of the Royal Charisian Marine Corps and later the Imperial Charisian Army.

Service Record[]

In the Year of God 890, he held the rank of Major and assisted with the development of new infantry tactics once the new model field artillery and rifled flintlock musket were introduced into service with the RCMC. (OAR)

In the Year of God 893, he held the rank of Brigadier and commanded the 3rd Marine Brigade during the Invasion of Corisande, leading his men in the Battle of Haryl's Crossing. Later in August of that year, he was knighted, ennobled as the Baron of Green Valley, and promoted to the rank of General in recognition of his service to the Empire of Charis before transferring to the newly created Imperial Charisian Army. (BHD,AMF)

In the Year of God 894, he was initiated into the inner circle that knew the truth about humanity's ancient history. (HFAF)

in the Year of God 896, he and Ruhsyl Thairis, the Duke of Eastshare, were instrumental in organizing and deploying the Charisian Expeditionary Force and planning the Empire's intervention on behalf of Lord Protector Greyghor Stohnar and the Republic of Siddarmark in the Siddarmark Civil War following the Sword of Schueler. Clareyk himself assumed command of the 2nd Brigade (reinforced) of the Expeditionary Force. (MTAT)

In March of the Year of God 897, Clareyk led the Army of Midhold into the Northland Province of the Republic of Siddarmark, leading the 3rd Mounted Brigade and 4th Division (Mounted) of that army in winter maneuvers against the Army of God forces occupying the province. One notable action of the campaign was the Battle of Esthyr's Abbey in the Northland Gap. Later in April of that year, Clareyk and his men captured the town of Five Forks and with it several months worth of supplies the Army of God has accumulated there for Bishop Militant Bahrnabai Wyrshym's Army of the Sylmahn. (HFQ)