Lainsair Svairsmahn († YOG 895) was a Charisian citizen and an officer candidate of the Imperial Charisian Navy.

In the Year of God 895, he served as a midshipman aboard the war galleon HMS Dancer. (AMF)

Midshipman Svairsmahn, was Dancer's only surviving midshipman after its capture. He had lost his left leg just below the hip during the final, desperate hour of the action which had hammered four of Manthyr’s ships into wrecks before they finally struck. He was barely twelve and a half when they took off his leg.

After his capture, Svairsmahn was cared for by Naiklos Vahlain and Gwylym Manthyr, at great danger to themselves. When he was at the Citadel of Schueler, he was severely tortured, and had both eyes removed when he finally confessed. Afterwards he was placed in a cell with Admiral Gwylym Manthyr, who killed him by breaking his neck to prevent the Schuelerites from further torturing him. (HFAF)

Emperor Cayleb decreed that one of the first Charisian ironclads was to be named HMS Lainsair Svairsmahn in his honor. (MTAT)