Lord Sir Lewk Cohlmyn, Earl of Sharpfield, was a Chisholmian nobleman and an officer of the Royal Chisholmian Navy, and later of the Imperial Charisian Navy.

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Admiral, he was Queen Sharleyan's senior fleet commander around the Year of God 890.[1] (OAR)

Following the integration of the Chisholmian military into the new Empire of Charis, he became one of the most senior admirals in the new Imperial Navy. Yet all his combat experience was with galleys, and he never commanded single galleon in action. (AMF)

History Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Admiral (prior to YOG 892)

Posts Edit

  • Commander-in-chief, Royal Chisholmian Navy
  • Commanding Officer, Imperial Charisian Navy forces in Chisholm

References Edit

  1. He is sometimes erroneously referred to in the text as Earl Sharpset.