The Lord Protector's Palace was the residence of the Lord Protector in Siddar City, and the official seat of government of the Republic of Siddarmark.

Design Edit

The Palace was noted for its enormous arched gate and ornamental outer wall, and its lack of defenses; it had always been the Republic’s boast that its citizens had access to the center of its government without let or hindrance. It also had a public office from where the Lord Protector conducted his business.

The palace contained prominent ornate towers, from where the palace grounds and Constitution Square were visible. It was also quite close to the Senate Chamber and the Hall of Records. (HFAF)

History Edit

During the opening phase of the Siddarmark Civil War, the palace was protected by a single regiment of pikemen. However, before it could be overrun, Nynian Rychtair arrived with her irregulars, saving the palace from destruction and the Lord Protector from certain death. (HFAF)

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