Madame Ahnzhelyk's was one of Zion most discreet brothels. It was founded and led by Ahnzhelyk Phonda. (OAR)

It was located in a neighbourhood with the where the residences were the Zion townhouses of minor branches of the great Church dynasties. Madame Ahnzhelyk had understood the virtue of discretion, and her establishment offered that same discretion to her clients, along with the services of her beautiful and well-trained ladies. Even those who deplored her presence among them understood that brothels were a necessary and inevitable part of a city of Zion's size, and unlike other establishments, Madame Ahnzhelyk allowed no gaming or drunken brawls, as her clients came almost solely from the top of the Church's hierarchy. (BSRA)

A visitor in the Year of God 892 had this impression of Madame Ahnzhelyk's:

"Subtle perfume drifted on the air circulating through the sumptuously decorated and appointed apartment. The overhead fan, powered by a servant in the basement who patiently and endlessly turned the crank at the far end of the pulleys and shafts, rotated almost soundlessly. The street outside was a broad avenue—well paved, spotlessly swept and washed each day, fronted by expensive homes, and scrupulously maintained. Birds and softly whistling wyverns perched in the ornamental pear trees in the wide islands of green marching down the center of that street, or fluttered around the feeders set out by the inhabitants of those expensive residences." (BSRA)