Princess Mahrya Baytz Ahrmahk was an Emeraldian citizen, the oldest child of Prince Nahrmahn II, and wife-to-be of Zhan Ahrmahk.

She was born the daughter of Prince Nahrmahn and his wife, Lady Ohlyvya. When her father sent Trahvys Ohlsyn, Earl of Pine Hollow, to Tellesberg to discuss terms of peace, Emperor Cayleb offered to cement the new friendly relationship between the House of Ahrmahk and the House of Baytz by marriage, namely between then-Crown Prince Zhan and Mahrya.

Her betrothal to Zhan made her -- for a short time -- first in line to become Empress Consort. However, in the Year of God 894, the Crown Princess Alahnah was born, putting Mahrya second in line for this potential role. Zhan and Mahrya's marriage was also not fully realized at that time, since the actual ceremony was not to occur until Zhan was sixteen. (BSRA)

She was a great lover of books, and even managed to increase Prince Zhan's interest in them. (HFAF)

As Zhan grew into an attractive young man, the connection between the two reached a whole new level by the Year of God 896, to the point that Empress Sharleyan pondered the possibility that Mahrya might already be pregnant on her wedding day. (MTAT)

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