Lady Mairah Breygart (neé Lywkys), Countess of Hanth, was a Chisholmian-born Charisian noblewoman.

Appearance Edit

Lady Hanth walked with a slight but permanent limp from a riding accident[1] which occurred just prior to Empress Sharleyan's visit to the Convent of Saint Agtha. (MTAT)

Biography Edit

A cousin of the Baron of Green Mountain, she served as Queen Sharleyan's chief lady-in-waiting, and accompanied her to Charis for the wedding with Cayleb II that gave birth to the Charisian Empire. (BSRA)

About two years later, she married Hauwerd Breygart, Earl of Hanth, who already had three sons, Styvyn, Trumyn, and Haarahld. She was also an amateur botanist, and shared her knowledge with Princess Irys of Corisande. (MTAT)

References Edit

  1. She believed that the "accident" was in fact caused on purpose on the orders of the Duke of Halbrook Hollow, to keep her away from the Empress during the trip.