Markovian Sea Prize

March 893 YOG


Markovian Sea


Charisian Victory


Empire of Charis Privateer

Desnairian Owned but Church flagged


Symyn Fytzhyw

Alyk Lizardherd & Lewk Aivyrs


Loyal Son

Wind Hoof



11 Deaths, all of Wind Hoof Temple Guard Marines


The Markovian Sea Prize was a brief encounter between the Charisian Privateer Brig Loyal Son, and the Church flagged, but Desnairian owned Galleon Wind Hoof. The short engagement resulted in eleven deaths, all of which were the Temple Guard aboard, and the striking of the colours of the Wind Hoof. (BHD)

Prelude Edit

In the aftermath of the the Battle of Craig Reef, and the Church Trade Embargo placed upon the Kingdom, and later Empire of Charis, many merchant vessels found it quite difficult to carry on profitable trade. To counter this the Emperor of Charis issued many letters of mark to these former merchants, not just to prevent them from going pirate, but also to harm his opponents economically. (BHD)

Order of Battle Edit

Empire of Charis Privateer'sEdit

Desnairian Empire/Church of God AwaitingEdit

Course of Battle Edit

The Wind Hoof was headed towards the Duchy of Fallos with a Church payment for it's valuable wood, tar, and pitch products required by the Church's massive ship building program. It bore the flag of the Church of God Awaiting, which from the day of Creation protected the vessel from all but the bravest of Pirates. Guarding it's cargo of currency was lieutenant Lewk Aivyrs, along with his ten Temple Guard marines. Although equiped with the heavier catamount canons, the Wind Hoof lacked the newer and much better design and quality sails, which may have enabled her to escape.

Pursuing the Wind Hoof, was the Charisian Privateer Brig Loyal Son, which had been tipped off to her timing and destination.

The Loyal Son quickly moved in on the larger Wind Hoof, and although the Wind Hoof changed flags to the Desnairian Flag, a nation not yet at war with the Empire of Charis, the Loyal Son fired a broadside across her bow, and demanded she strike her colours. Wind Hoof's captain knew that he if he attempted to strike his colours he would not only inccur the wrath of the Church, and the Inquisition, but also lieutenant Lewk Aivyrs, and his men would prevent this from happening, and ensure that the Wind Hoof would either be sunk in action, or killed to the man in a boarding action. To prevent this scenario, Captain Alyk Lizardherd secretly had his bosun, and twelve matchlock-armed seamen shoot all of the Temple Guardmens.

Aftermath Edit

The Wind Hoof had struck her colours, and had planned to negotiate favourable terms, either to share the Church Treasure with the Loyal Son, and to assume new identities elsewhere on Safehold, or full surrender of ship and crew, or the scuttling of the Wind Hoof. (BHD)

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