Bishop Mylz Halcom was a priest of the Church of God Awaiting who became a leader of the Temple Loyalists after the Schism.

Biography Edit

In the year 892, Halcom was the Bishop of Margaret Bay. Once the Schism between Zion and the Church of Charis occured, he went into hiding and began to organize the resistance against both the secular and the religious leadership of Charis.

Bishop Halcom while in hiding used the alias of Master Edvarhd Dahryus.

Actions endorsed or directly ordered by him included the burning of the Royal College of Charis and the assassination plot against Archbishop Maikel Staynair in July of the Year of God 892, as well as the ambush on Empress Sharleyan during her visit to the Convent of Saint Agtha in June of the following year. The plot to kill Sharleyan almost succeeded, but Merlin Athrawes came to her rescue, killing all Temple Loyalists present, including Halcom – but not before letting the treacherous bishop know that he would see to it that the Church of God Awaiting would fall. (BSRA, BHD)

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