Nimue's Cave was an underground complex hidden under the Mountains of Light in the far north of Safehold.[1]

Pei Kau-yung and Pei Shan-wei had the cave carved out of the rock under Mount Olympus in order to leave Nimue Alban's PICA behind in a safe environment. This work was completed during the terraforming period, before the main colonization fleet returned to Safehold. (OAR)

Architecture Edit

There were a dozen variously sized chambers, barely forty meters above sea level. The polished-glass stone ceiling of the upper chambers was about four meters above the floor at its highest points. (OAR)

Equipment Edit

  • 3 armored personnel carriers
  • 2 forward recon skimmers
  • 1 assault shuttle
  • 1 small, yet capable fabrication unit
  • An arms locker with 200 assault rifles and 2 million rounds of ammunition
  • A fully equipped medical unit from the transport Remus
  • A library with the starship Romulus' library core[2]

References Edit

  1. For more on Nimue's Cave and the various circumstances leading up to its construction and set up, please refer to the Info Dump.
  2. The equivalent of a major Federation core world university's library system.