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Nimue Chwaeriau in YOG 896

Nimue Chwaeriau Gahrvai was the name chosen by the PICA constructed by Owl in the Year of God 896, whose character was based on a backup of Nimue Alban's personality. Like Nimue's first "copy", Merlin Athrawes, she assumed the identity of a seijin when dealing with the people of Safehold.


Nimue was smaller than Merlin for her to fit better among Safeholdians whose average height was less than that of the Terran Federation. Nimue's selected height allows her PICA to pass as a woman or as a man. She retained Nimue Alban's blue eyes and added red hair, rare or unknown in Old Charis but not in the north of the mainland. (LAMA)


Nimue came into existence late in the Year of God 896, when Merlin authorized Owl and the virtual copy of Prince Nahrmahn to create another PICA from parts left in Nimue's Cave and upload the remaining backup of Lieutenant Commander Alban's personality into it. When awakening, the PICA had the same knowledge and memories as Merlin when he was first activated seven Safeholdian years earlier.

After being greeted by Merlin, she was shown the same recording of Commodore Pei Kau-yung that he had seen, and then spent several "virtual months" in a virtual reality to learn about Safehold and the mission she was about to take part in. Once this part of her education was finished, she assumed the identity of a seijin in the service of the Charisian Imperial Guard, sent to the Princedom of Corisande to protect Hektor and Irys Aplyn-Ahrmahk. (LAMA)

She later married Sir Koryn Gahrvai. (TFT)

Character and abilities[]

Although she at first struggled with the fact that she and Merlin Athrawes were, in a way, the same person, Nimue eventually came to regard him as an older brother that she had always been very close to. (LAMA)


"Chwaer" is Welsh for "Sister"