The Northern Conspiracy, a movement of the Corisandian Resistance, was comprised mostly of nobles who remained in power after the Charisian Invasion of Corisande.

Although they swore allegiance to Emperor Cayleb and the Regency Council, they took these oaths lightly and plotted to grow their forces, to rearm them, and to re-establish control with themselves in charge of Corisande. Their plotting was discovered by Merlin Athrawes, who used the legend of the seijin to slip information about them to the Regency Council. With the Serabor Raid, and several other raids like it, most of the Northern Conspiracy was arrested, and effectively neutralized. (AMF)

The leaders of the movement where later convicted of high treason against the Princedom of Corisande and the Empire of Charis, and executed on the personal orders of Empress Sharleyan. (HFAF)